Make more of meal time.

Make more of meal time


serves fresh. serves daily. serves you.

Delivering healthy, wholesome family meals straight to your door.

SERVES is a collaboration between a couple of home chefs and dads who believe in the power and importance of quality family time. For them, this means less time in the kitchen and more playing with their children and helping with homework, less wasted food and more environmentally-friendly choices, less ordering take-out and more healthy meals. With an entire menu of freshly cooked classics prepared on the same day it is delivered to you, SERVES is revolutionising home-cooked meals for families in the UAE.

why not leave dinner to us once or twice a week?


Fresh home-cooked meals made on the same day as delivery.


No preservatives, no additives, no nasties. Ever.


Real family food, not hotel food, and certainly not take-out!


High quality re-useable ceramic dishes fit for a fancy dinner party and good for the planet.


Step ①

Choose as many dishes as you would like from our carefully curated menu.


Step ②

To keep our meals fresh and avoid waste, we cook all our dishes to order on the morning of delivery and then we deliver them fresh to your front door.


Step ③

Follow the cooking instructions on the sleeve, pop it the oven, and enjoy the delicious aroma in your kitchen while you wait.


Step ④

Savour the deliciousness of your home-cooked meal with the ones you love.


Step ⑤

Our ceramic dishes are part of the dining experience and are reusable. On your next order, simply swap your dishes for full ones on delivery.


Happy families


- DAWN, busy family
Abu Dhabi

“We have a crazy hectic life with both of us working and several kids busy with sports during the week. It was a real relief knowing that at the weekends I don’t have to worry about planning dinners for the family. Instead SERVES meals are there in the fridge waiting for us on the days I need them and I spend more time with the family.”

- LODE, time-stressed foodie
Abu Dhabi

“I really enjoy cooking but I’m busy and can’t do it every night. At the same time I don’t want junk on my days off so I let SERVES take care of dinner twice a week. That way I can relax more with the family.”


- BECKS, freezer queen
Abu Dhabi

“What an absolute lifeline! I can stock up on decent quality meals and keep them in the freezer until I need them – that gives me real peace of mind. I can’t recall the number of times we’ve spent an extra few hours out with the kids knowing that a SERVES dinner is already prepared and waiting.”

- YRIE, pregnant mum
Abu Dhabi

“For 9 months, whilst I was pregnant the family and I lived off SERVES dinners and ordered 2 to 3 a week. Everyone enjoyed the food and it was an absolute blessing, healthy and wholesome. It was reassuring to know that I was not eating take away style food but didn’t have to cook it myself during those 9 months!!”



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